Join us for an interactive and dynamic program full of speakers, sessions and fun times. 

The AR2020 program will officially begin on Friday evening, July 17 and will end Sunday evening, July 19. The structure of the program is designed to fulfill the needs of those who would like to learn about the issues as well as those seeking to enhance their activism and network with others in the movement. 

In recognizing the heaviness of such social justice issues, AR2020 will incorporate engaging ways for us to unwind and have fun together. Special sessions will include film screening parties, lunchtime discussions (with cooking demos), and networking events which will provide you with an opportunity to introduce yourself and your animal companions at home! 

We encourage you to join us for this unique event so we can stay connected and remain strong for the animals.

Initial Speakers

Christine Ball-BlakelyAnimal Legal Defense Fund
Jennifer BarckleyThe Humane League
Gene BaurFarm Sanctuary
Sarah BexellInstitute for Humane Education & Institute for Human-Animal Connection
Ana BradleySentient Media
Karen BudkieStop Animal Exploitation Now
Michael BudkieStop Animal Exploitation Now
Genesis ButlerGenesis For Animals
Karen DavisUnited Poultry Concerns
Victor FloresVegan Outreach
Erika GaleraFood Empowerment Project
Kathryn GillespieAuthor
Nicole GreenAnimalearn, division of American Anti-Vivisection Society (AAVS)
Jennifer HaugeAnimal Legal Defense Fund
Nathan Herschler NEAVS
Kathy HesslerAnimal Law Clinic at Lewis & Clark Law School and Aquatic Animal Law Initiative
Krista HiddemaFor The Greater Good
Cami HoffmanThe Raven Corps
Claire HoweThe Raven Corps
Gwenna HunterVegan Outreach
Stephanie Itle-Clark Academy of Prosocial Learning
pattrice jonesVINE Sanctuary
Melanie JoyBeyond Carnism
Audrey Lawson-SanchezBalanced.
Cheryl LeahyAnimal Outlook
Carrie LeBlancCompassionWorks International
Jasmine C. LevyaFilmmaker, Invisible Vegan
Chelsea LincolnFat Vegan Voice
Daniel McKernanBarn Sanctuary
Erica MeierAnimal Outlook
Ginny MessinaDietitian, Author
Jack NorrisVegan Outreach
lauren OrnelasFood Empowerment Project
Samantha PachiratFarm Sanctuary
Dani RukinJaneUnChained News Network
Brenda SandersAfro-Vegan Society
Jasmin SingerOur Hen House, VegNews Magazine
Pei SuACTAsia
Andy TabarCompassion Company
Seth TibbottTofurky
Joyce TischlerCenter for Animal Law Studies at Lewis & Clark Law School
Gerardo Tristan – Faunaccion
KR VargasLa Raza For Liberation
Jane Velez-MitchellJaneUnChained News Network
Shawna WeaverWriter, Educator
Jodie WiederkehrCenter For Ethical Science (CFES)
Earthling Ed WintersSurge

Initial Sessions

Abuse of Animal Companions

Abuse of Animals for Entertainment

Abuse of Animals for Fashion

Abuse of Animals for Science

Abuse of Aquatic Animals

Abuse of Land Animals for Food

All Animals Are Smart and Sentient: The Case Against Ranking

Animals in the Environment

Citizen Lobbying & Grassroots Legislative Advocacy

Commercial Trends in Vegan Foods

Companions – Rescue/TNR

Connecting the Dots between Resilience, Burnout, Self Care, and Effectiveness

Dismantling Fat Bias for an Inclusive Movement

Diversity Strategies for Culture-based Advocacy

Empowering Youth through Humane Education

Generation Z – Becoming an Activist

Going Vegan for Life: Strategies for Success

Grassroots Campaigns

How Vegans & Nonvegans Can Communicate Effectively, Resolve Conflicts, and Become Allies

Initiating Thought-Provoking Conversations

Institutional Changes

Interview with a Laboratory Investigator

Mainstreaming Our Message

Organizing Winning Campaigns in Your Community

Pandemics and Live Markets

Promoting Healthy Workplace Culture

Q&A with Dr. Greger

Utilizing Social Media

Voices for Animal Liberation: Inspirational Accounts by AR Activists


We regret to inform you about the cancellation of the Animal Rights 2020 Virtual Event which was originally scheduled for July 17-19.

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