Exhibitor Information

As a Sponsor or Exhibitor, you’ll get access to the Organization profile.

The Exhibitor View

Information and Deminsions for your Profile:

1. Company logo
Dimensions : 150×150 px

2. Company description

3. Cover image
This image will be on top of the company page at Tame.
Dimensions: 1330x250px

4. Media
Photos or videos that will be show on the company page for the attendees.
Max 100 MB each

5. Contact people
Those are the employees that will be available during the event. They will have their own login and will be able to chat with attendees, have meetings and more.
Add name and email.

6. Company name, address, website and social media links

The Attendee View

Expo Page

On the Expo page (or Partner/Sponsor page), the attendees can see the logos of all exhibitor companies on the event.

Clicking on a logo will take the attendee to that Exhibitor’s page.

The Sponsor page (which is called Partner in the image) is similar but listed at sponsor level. Sponsor logos will also be listed in the lobby.

Exhibitor’s Page

The exhibitor page is the page where the attendee will see more info about the exhibitor and potentially make contact.

The page has basically 2 purposes: inform and engage.

The exhibitor company has several custom items:
Cover image
Media (photo and video)
External links (website and social media)

Attendee Engagment

Additionally to the company info, the attendee has the following ways to interact with the company:

Direct chat with a contact person
Schedule a meeting with the contact person
Visit the company’s virtual booth (when included)

Attendee Engagement Chat

The attendee can click on the chat icon below a company person and start a chat with that person.

Attendee Engagement Meetings

The attendee can also click on the meeting icon under a contact person and easily schedule a meeting with them.

By doing so the attendee will be redirected to a screen where they will fill the meeting purpose/tile, see available times from that contact person and have an automatically generated link to a virtual meeting room.

Attendee Engagement Booth

The expo booth works like a virtual conference/webinar room where the company people can broadcast their video or screen and have several attendees watching it.

Additional Information

We are aiming to invite all sponsors and exhibitors to the platform on July 1st so they can begin setting up their profile. You will have until July 10th to complete the profile.

You can also download the above guide in PDF form.

Disclaimer: Some of these features may change and be different when we invite. 

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