The conference is dedicated to the vision that all animals have the right to live free from human exploitation.

The Animal Rights National Conference is proud to safely bring to you this year’s event on a dynamic interactive platform. Emphasizing the importance of staying connected during these challenging times, AR2020 will incorporate exciting features such as interactive workshops, Q&A with speakers, virtual exhibits, special networking sessions, film screening parties, as well as opportunities for meet-ups, one-on-one chats, and so much more! Whether you’re new to animal rights or a longtime activist, the AR2020 virtual conference will keep you inspired and connected, providing the opportunity to learn about the issues, network, and engage in thought-provoking discussions. Join the action! 

Registration will open on May 20. The Animal Rights National Conference strives to be affordable and accessible to all. Standard registration for the three day virtual event is $50 for those who are in a position to support AR2020 at that level. We are pleased to offer a sliding scale for registration starting as low as $20 for the full event. If you require specific accommodations to join us, please let us know

Overview & Background

The Animal Rights National Conference is the U.S. animal rights movement’s annual national conference. It is also the world’s largest and longest-running animal rights gathering, hailing back to 1981.

The Animal Rights National Conference is designed for people who wish to improve their animal advocacy skills or simply to network with other animal activists. In recognition of the wide variety of paths for advancing our shared vision, the conference provides a forum for the respectful and constructive discussion of a broad spectrum of topics, tactics, and strategies. Our extensive programming offers tools and resources for all. Our thought-provoking lectures, interactive workshops, group discussions, and training sessions aim to educate and inspire those who are new to the issues, as well as longtime activists and nonprofit managers.

The Animal Rights National Conferences have been organized since 1981 by Farm Animal Rights Movement (FARM) with some breaks between 1987 and 2000, then every year since 2000. FARM’s Founding President, Alex Hershaft, served as Conference Chair for more than thirty years. In 2018, Alex transferred his responsibilities to longtime colleagues Jen Riley and Dawn Moncrief. Jen Riley is now heading up conference leadership alongside a highly dedicated team of experienced conference managers.

Fantastic event, well organised, tribute to the team behind the scenes making it all come together. Absolute delight to attend.

AR2019 Exhibitor

This was the best conference I have been to so far. The energy felt great, the atmosphere was positive, and people were warm, friendly, and fun.

Past Attendee

I enjoyed it. I’m very pleased with the overall diversity and quality of speakers and definitely felt energized to keep working in this field and fighting for the animals.

AR2019 Attendee


While the conference still runs under the financial wing of FARM, it operates on a separate budget independent of the organization as a whole. The conference is self-sustaining financially and relies on donations from generous supporters in an effort to keep the conference accessible through low registration rates, discounts, scholarships, and more. We operate on a sliding scale model and invite those who can afford to pay more or donate to do so. 


We regret to inform you about the cancellation of the Animal Rights 2020 Virtual Event which was originally scheduled for July 17-19.

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